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Show Blog: "Damn sahn, you were on inside edition!?"

Alternate Episode titles:

"the forbidden Mt Dew"

"it tastes like cancer"

"what the everloving fuck bro"

"fuckin' Jefferson county

"maybe it was that bitches time"

"hey baby, let me flood that butt"

" I can guarantee you that will not quench your thirst, it will give you cancer tho"

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This week Kollin and Gotts went solo and talked up a storm, episode starts off already off the rails as Emma, Gotts' adult daughter shows up with bad timing and cookies, but regains composure as they discuss the past weeks happenings, Gotts' creepy home invader problem and some news stories and birthdays.

We discussed the movies that were important to us when we were younger and explored some classic reddit of which Kollin wasnt even able to let Gotts finish reading!

check out this episode wherever you get podcasts and leave us some feedback!

Trashpanda podcast is entering a new stage of growth and what we need now more than ever is for our loyal listeners to help spread the gospel of the show...tell your friends and help get us in front of new listeners! we thank you for your support and tune in next week for an episode damn near a year in the making!!!

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