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the trashPandas

Who We Are

Trashpanda podcast began as a therapy session between friends. Kollin, Gotts, and JD started out sitting around a table talking into Kollin’s Mac in Gotts’ basement. The sound was awful, echoing off the concrete walls and cobwebbed ceilings. But they hit the ground running with bits like Kollin getting a bikini wax, where Gotts saw Kollin’s dick, Kollin betting he could survive for a month on nothing but Pickle chicken, and failing causing him to vomit from eating a pound of sugarfree gummy bears as punishment. And Kollin posting a alcohol induced sad depression birthday episode.  Believe it or not, these were all his ideas, they weren’t picking on him…too much. They wrote a Christmas special dedicated to JD’s love of large breasts and got several Tinder accounts banned.

                For their First anniversary, they upgraded. A mixing board, real microphones, a soundboard, and livestreaming rounded out the new and improved show. They began including games and new bits and new guests… longtime supporter T-time, Kollin’s cousin JT, Pr girl, and JD’s other half Sierra, better known as Thundatits.  Jt became the third to Kollin and Gotts and new bits rose up.  Jeremy and Waraq’s parents, personality tests, arguing about movie monsters and constant threats to do Kratom. They began to befriend other podcasts and due to Covid, tested out remote episodes. The audio was awful with those early remote episodes, like they were starting over again. But the content stays golden.

                When the second birthday rolls around, another revamp is done. They launch, in the process of building the website, Kollin see Gotts’ dick.  Carrie, formerly of the Dick Tales podcast, Billy, a childhood friend of Gotts, and Mike, a co worker begin to join as a rotating third host. Kollin and Gotts start branching out. Guesting on local radio and other podcasts, including our friends on the Tubi Tuesdays podcast. Kollin and Gotts struggle some when they are by themselves but the rotating hosts and great guests like comedian Nate D help with creations like Tolerance man, the superhero whos superpower is to just do a bunch of drugs. They do the Trashpanda Podcast Celebrity death pool, Kollin starts a new show and joins a third, Gotts enjoys single life with his breakthrough Tinder profile…

                For their Third birthday, Trashpanda podcast evolved again. Bringing back livestreams, revamping the website, changing their format, and embracing the friends they have made along the way. A new heavy emphasis on interactivity and consistent content brings the show to a new level.

                Officially. Trashpanda podcast is Kollin and Gotts. But the DNA of the show  is made up of the guests, hosts, and friends that have influenced it.  The “ mogwais” as they are referred to as. Trashpanda’s own “whack pack”. A cast of characters so eccentric and wild, but without them trashpanda podcast simply wouldn’t exist.



The much more laid back although sometimes absolutely absurd half and the dreamer of Trashpanda Podcast.

Does Kollin smoke too much weed….sometimes…do we love him for it anyways? Usually…lol

Kollin is the optimistic one of the bunch, spiderman, wrestling and reality TV are his passions. Kollin was the driving force behind the creation of the podcast and remains the soul of the show. Believe it or not, Kollin is the less PC of the duo and is wilder when it comes to topics and episode titles. Most of the above the normal bits and challenges from the show were his ideas.

Kollin runs all of the podcast’s socials, posting and networking. The guests and friends weve made along the way have come from his persistent work and tweets.  Kollin also does all of the editing for the show and handles the uploading and posting of episodes.


The gatekeepy, sometimes angry voice of reason  of the Trashpanda Podcast.

Is Gotts an asshole….sometimes…but do we love him for it anyways, youre damn right.

Gotts is the bigger nerd of he and Kollin, a MCU fanboy and DC hater, definitely has some strong opinions on what could kill a gremlin with ease and is sometimes easily baited by Kollin into absurd arguments and conversations . hates professional wrestling, would bang Rosie O Donell just for the story and has very little shame and questionable morals.

Gotts is the driving force around much of the show research and Trashpanda Studios currently calls his house in the Boonies home.  The logo was originally hand painted by Gotts and he handles much of the design and art for the Pod.

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