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Episode blog: " Damn Gotts, you brought out the fancy soap"

Alternative Titles:

" fuckin' Illinois"

"you know I'm gonna let the cat eat that shit off the floor"

"a whole new user for rubber sheets"

"I aint getting pissed thank you"

"you cant fuck Jesus"

"my moms fuckin retarded"

"now I'm worried about getting stabbed and pipe graped"

"what's the prize?...2 holes"

"why is my dick all sweaty"

This week on the show, Kollin and Gotts are joined by friend of the show and Kollin's better half Carrie, formerly of the DickTales podcast and Meg the smut peddler, a great erotic fiction writer from Kansas City. (links below)

there was no news and let me tell you why...Ok, so. podcasts and radio shows all use the same sources for content...Reddit is widely used by Trashpanda podcast and...well pretty much everyone else sharing a space in the comedy and weird news arena. and now that we record on Saturday instead of Tuesday, every other show has picked over and done all the good news stories...we can all cover the same stuff, but I hate feeling like too much of a copycat. so I didn't do news this week.

We did however test out the new porn birthday format, that's gold. Carrie told us about her trip to Italy and how her car was stolen while she was gone (this was the reason Kollin was preoccupied last week) and its Kollin's birthday week!

we started out with questions girls always wanted to ask guys, but the conversation took over and we only got in like 2 questions. that's good tho! then we did an experiment with some audio trivia, we went on for awhile for a few reasons, Kollin absolutly destroyed Carrie and Meg, final score Kollin: 37 Carrie:12 and Meg: 4 and a half. and I wanted to find a category Kollin wasnt good at and to test to see if we would get DMCA'd for using the audio.

all in all it was a great show and we hope you all enjoy as well!!

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