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Episode Blog: "I hope my dog bites someone so I can have it put to sleep"

Alternative Episode titles:

"again with the too much information!"

"did he just stick his tongue in her ass!?"

"this man has a weird bumpy dick"

"...and that's how I started the forest fire"

"....she has GOT to be into some weird shit by now"

"thats a LOOOOOT of bush"

"yeah, I ate a piss snocone"

"and Bills over there like NEW FETISH UNLOCKED"

"come on motherfucker...its almost your time!"

my fupa was hella red, but my dick DID look bigger"

This week we are joined by 2 of Gott's longtime friends, Bill Brown and Billy Turnbough.

Kollin retold the story of how he died from a heart attack and his recovery, which is going great! were very proud of him for the healthy changes he has made to his life!

News stories:

We had audio problems in the beginning, because OF COURSE, its not trashpanda podcast without audio issues! so ....what had happened was..... we were attempting to get a 3rd webcam up and running and I guess we messed up something with the connections with the audio and out soundboard cut out....but only in the recording and monitoring, they were still going out on the stream, so thankfully the episode's audio is okay, but for the few that were watching live, they were bombarded with very loud sound clips as Gotts attempted to test and correct the problem for the first few minutes of the show.

we did not fix it during the show and thus werent able to do some of the planned bits of the episode, but that was Okay....Bill, Billy, and Gotts all grew up in the same neighborhood so there were lots of stories to tell and memories to relive.

the end of the show may appear to come suddenly, we may get the opportunity to explain why in the near future, so stay tuned for that!

But....WERE BACK! almost 2 months gone while Kollin recovered from a heart attack, the trashpandas are in the studio again. the 3.0 launch is finally in effect!! all the old episodes have been vaulted to Pateron so head on over there to hear all the old classics! the new format is in play and we have so much new content to do!! stay tuned for a few very special extra episodes with special guests and be sure to email us or leave us some feedback!

Until next week Mogwais!

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