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the Survivor Diaries

So ok, like 20 years ago I started writing a book. it was a post apocalypse fantasy type of thing, but I quickly realized that it was too large and too complicated to be the first book I was trying to write. so I decided that I would pick a different genre and write something smaller and more contained. I looked at what was hot at the moment and what I was a fan of and settled on a zombie apocalypse. I figured I could crap out a good zombie book in a decently short amount of time and get a little experience. WRONG I WAS.

the book took me damn near 15 years to write. now granted, I wasnt writing all the time, in fact I'd set it down of years between writing sessions, but eventually, I did finish it and self published it and passed it around to some family and close friends. problem was....I ended it on a cliffhanger. so the few people who actually DID read it were pissed and up my ass to follow it up. and I did...having a completed copy in my hands motivated me to write the second half within the following year. that was...five or so years ago now. but here we are. Ive decided to do SOMETHING more with it other than letting its sole remaining copy not given away for friends and family or stolen by exes , sit on my shelf collecting dust.

Ive been recording the audiobook. and now Im going to release it. now, please keep in mind, I am not a professional narrator, Im gonna stumble on some words, and its gonna sound awkward. but its just me, usually high, recording the book in my office so cut me some slack. lol

beginning October 1st, episodes will be released via trashpanda's spotify and apple.

Yes, it is a zombie survival /apocalypse series, and I know these have fallen a bit out of public demand over the years. I blame the Walking dead and their penchant for telling 6 seasons of story in 13 seasons and going nowhere and draagging out plot points on the publics weariness, but I digress. I liked the Walking dead. I actually finished it, from beginning to end. but it had its problems. I took my inspriation from 3 places. Romero. the godfather of the genre. period. the new wave of zombie movies in the early oughts such as 28 days later, the dawn of the dead Snyder remake. and the sucessful book series of the same period..."day by day armageddon", "the Morningstar saga" and "world war Z" (the most squandered IP of the last 20 years.

but what I mean is, Zombies...they are just the setting. zombies are never supposed to be the main antoganist. they are the ever present danger on the sidelines....but never the primary problem. As it would be in real life if something so fantastical were to ever happen. Zombies would kill...but the real danger is your fellow man. theres the real monster....

So, yeah...anyways. I hope you can get some enjoyment from it! chapters will come fast. I dont want to stretch this out over months and months of releases. October and November at most I think. we shall you may get multiple drops per week just to get them out there. Until then, heres a funny little trailer I threw together to tease you guys....

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