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the 3.0 launch!

Ah here we are, approaching our three year anniversary!

I didnt know where this would go when we started this podcast at the musty table in my basement. me, Kollin, and JD talking into Kollins crusty OG silver Mac. but we are still here and still growing. each birthday show we did soft relaunches, tweaking and changing things as we learned what worked and what didnt. first birthday, we added pro equipment, mics, a mixer, the soundboard and put a structure to the show. second birthday we restructured the show and brought in some livestreams. so ....what are we doing for our third birthday?

well...restructuring again....its a process to figure out what works and what doesn't, and with that process comes changes some may like and others may not. the show going forward has a more rigid outline of how it will flow, to keep awkward silences and running out of steam from happening. We have been working hard for over 2 months to build up a large array of extra content to have on hand in case we don't have anything to talk about. In addition to that, we have kind of embraced what we are. we are the uncensored, untethered version of a morning or drive time radio show. its the same humor...we just don't currently have any bosses telling us what we can and cannot say. our local show in St Louis often uses the same sources for content we do, so often we end up doing a lot of the same stories and bits. with that in mind, we are striving to bring to the show more consistency and a better flow.

We are also returning to livestreams and really pushing interaction from you, the audience! we set up a comments section in the contact us part of the website and encourage everyone to emails us questions, comments, or anything else. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!! we are going to also try to keep this website much more updated on a regular basis.

new sounds, games, video content, and some really awesome guests are coming too! as well as a REALLY sweet special treat for halloween over 15 years in the making, and some pretty cool best of episodes coming for everyone this Christmas.

We are going to revisit the topics of some of our earlier episodes, after all, our lives have changed a LOT since we started the show. so come one come all, join us for another WONDERFUL year with Trashpanda podcast! Thank you all for giving us the oppertunity to grow and heres hoping this new push will take us to new better levels once again!!

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