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Alright motherfuckers, I did some digging...

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

As embarassing as this is going to be, I, Gotts, was able to track down my STLPUNK page. for those either too young or not from the STL area, was a precursor to myspace. a social network set up aroung the punk subcultures. pop punk, emo kids, and scene kids before scene kids were a thing, would congregate and post on message boards and set up super cringy pages for themselves. I mean...look at me back then.... Airwalk shirt! lol and a pink guitar. man I was so cool!!

but anyways, when I was an angsty little bitch, I too had a page full of cringe. I am using this blog to officially call out Kollin and JT, they too had stlpunk profiles and according to Kollin he also had diaries of angsty emo poetry that could be used to write the greatest midwest emo album in history, but so far they "cant remember their usernames" I call shenanigans and I call it by exposing my own page of shame. BEHOLD! and bask that is the glory of Gotts' 20 year old ( I know , thats just makes it even more embarrassing) cringy as hell stlpunk page!!!

and for good measure here was my bands page:

we were called Cuddle Ingus...2 words

and fuck it, heres 2 shows we did at the creepy crawl. but remember its like 2004 , camcorders sucked, we didnt have smartphones yet, and we kinda sucked

Game-set-match bitches, your move. best to get thinking real hard on those usernames .

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